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Part # : FNSW1601
Manufacturer SKU : FNSW-1601
Brand : Planet
Warranty : 2-year Lin Haw warranty

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Power-Saving, High Performance Ethernet Networking

In line with the energy-saving trend worldwide, PLANET delivers the new generation Green Networking Switch- FNSW-1601. The FNSW-1601 is a 16-Port 10/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet Switch upgraded from earlier version and brings both benefits of energy saving and high performance. It is specially designed for SOHO, SMB and Workgroup users. The FNSW-1601 uses new engine that provides power saving up to 22% less energy but maintains high performance efficiently.

Energy Saving 
The FNSW-1601 incorporates advanced Green Networking technology:

  • Intelligent scales power based on cable length

The intelligent scales power is an intelligent algorithm that actively determines the appropriate power level based on cable length. When connecting to the FNSW-1601 with Ethernet cable longer than 10m, a device can obtain maximum power saving because the FNSW-1601 would automatically detect the Ethernet cable length and reduce power usage. The connected device can substantially reduce overall power consumption, which makes a significant contribution to energy saving.

High Performance
The high performance throughput (filtering / forwarding rate: 14,880 packets per second in 10Mbps, 148,800pps in 100Mbps) and dynamic shared memory buffer help the FNSW-1601 boost bandwidth, eliminate unnecessary traffic, and relieve congestion on your critical server path. It also supports IEEE 802.1p Class of Service (CoS) features to improve network utilization more efficiently. The FNSW-1601 is the ideal choice to alleviate bottlenecks in client / server and peer-to-peer environments in a cost effective way.

Plug and Play
The FNSW-1601 provides users with high speed network connections. With its Auto-Negotiation capability, all the RJ-45/STP ports of the FNSW-1601 can be configured to speeds of 10/20Mbps or 100/200Mbps automatically. What's more is the MDI/ MDIX auto-detection for easy, plug and play connection, regardless of the cabling type, straight through or crossover.

Backbone Switch
With up to 3.2Gbps switching fabric, the FNSW-1601 can provide high bandwidth Fast Ethernet network workgroup and connect workstations and other network devices quickly and easily

Department Switch
Uplink directly by any straight or crossover cable to the backbone switch, the FNSW-1601 provides the connectivity to back plane yet segment the network traffic of the department to your backbone.


  • Green Ethernet for energy saving

  • Comply with IEEE 802.3 10Base-T and IEEE 802.3u, 100Base-TX standards

  • 16-Port 10/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet Switch

  • Auto MDI / MDI-X on each port for easy switch / hub cascading

  • Each switching port support auto-negotiation 10 / 20Mbps, 100 / 200Mbps supported

  • Store-and-Forward mode with wire-speed filtering and forwarding rates

  • 8K absolute MAC addresses table

  • Handles up to 1522 bytes packet size

  • IEEE 802.3x full-duplex / half-duplex back-pressure flow control

  • IEEE 802.1p Class of Service traffic control

  • FCC, CE class A compliant


Model FNSW-1601 
Hardware Specification
10/100Base-TX Ports 16
Switch Processing Scheme Store-and-Forward
Switch fabric 3.2Gbps
Switch throughput 2.38Mpps
Shared Buffer 1.625Mbits
MAC Address Table 8K entries
Flow Control Back pressure for half duplex mode,
IEEE 802.3x Pause Frame for full duplex mode
Power Green Ethernet Supports from10m to 100m in length. Power saving up to 22%
Standards Conformance
Standards Compliance IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet) 
IEEE 802.3u (Fast Ethernet)
IEEE 802.3x (Full-duplex flow control)
IEEE 802.1p (Class of Service)
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