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    Part # : MFGCAB42U
    Manufacturer SKU : G-CAB-42U
    Brand : Mainframe
    Warranty : 3-year Lin Haw warranty

    Closed Server Cabinet

    For indoor networking set ups. With removable side panels and doors, Mainframe's lockable cabinets allow you to have easy access to all your critical equipment and wiring, with an attractive glass front door panel. Double entry back doors provide access for servicing at a minimal clearance requirement.

    Comes with a built-in six fan ceiling unit to provide maximum air flow and reduce over heating. Shipped as flat packs, Mainframe's Closed Cabinets are an ideal solution for your networking needs.


    • Double entry back doors and removable side panels provide easy access to equipment

    • Comes with a built in six fan ceiling unit for airflow management

    • Complies with ANS/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491, PART1, DIN41494

    • Standard 3 year LH warranty

    • Vertical cable tray pre-installed:

      • 24.6" 625 mm usable depth with cable tray

      • 28.5" 724 mm usable depth without cable tray

      • Note: When using shelves or gear deeper than 625mm the rear cable management tray must be removed and the rear rails installed in position 724mm


    • Materials:

      • Frame: Aluminum

      • Others: SPCC cold rolled steel

      • Black Powder Coating

    • Thickness:

      • Mounting Profile: 20mm

      • Mounting Angle: 1.5mm

      • Others: 1.2mm

    Capacity (U)
    Dimensions WxDxH (mm)
    Dimensions WxDxH (in)
    Static Loading Capacity (kg)
    Static Loading Capacity (lbs)
    42599 x 900 x 2026
    23.58 x 35.43 x 79.76

    Package Contents:

    • Baying Kits (4 x Baying Plates and 8 x M6 Countersunk Head Screw)

    • 50 x 10-32 Screw and Cage Nut

    • 28 x M6 Countersunk Head Screw

    • 14 x M5 Self-tapping Screw (6 included with fan unit)

    • 1 x Pair of Keys for side panel

    • 4 x Leveling Feet

    • 4 x Pre-installed Castor

    • 1 x Pair of Keys for front door

    • 1 x Pair of Keys for rear door

    • 6 x Door Hinge

    • 3 x M6-12 Screw

    • 16 x Side Panel Limit

    • 32 x M4-8 Self-tapping Screw

    Shipping Information:

    ComponentsDimensions WxDxH (mm)
    Dimensions WxDxH (in)
    Weight (kg)Weight (lbs)Volume (CBM)
    42U Frame1990 x 940 x 25078.35 x 37.00 x 9.8355121.250.47
    6 Unit Fan Kit800 x 550 x 11531.50 x 21.65 x 4.5312.527.560.05
    Front & Rear Doors1990 x 640 x 16078.35 x 25.20 x 6.303372.750.20
    Side Panels980 x 780 x 7538.58 x 30.71 x 2.9532.571.650.06