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Part # : PW6A5B
Manufacturer SKU : 064-701/A/S/BL
Brand : Vertical Cable
Warranty : Limited Lifetime Lin Haw Warranty
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CAT6A 10G F/UTP Cable

Cat6A shielded riser rated bulk networking cable is perfect for high-speed installations. This cable is the step-up version from regular cat 6 cable and has frequencies of up to 650 MHz. This Cat6A cable is special in that is gives you 10Gbps of up to 100 meters (328 Feet) making this cable perfect for data centers, commercial buildings, and homes that want consistent higher speeds over longer distances.

Perfect for inside the walls and between floors or in non-plenum spaces. It is constructed with a cross separator to enhance against near end crosstalk and has an overall mylar shielding to protect yourself from signal interference (EMI).

All 1000ft comes on a wooden spool to make pulling the cable easy and gives you the length you need to customize all your cable runs. Another feature is our jacket is marked every two feet so you know how much cable you have left. Choose our shielded Cat 6A riser cable because we only use 100% pure copper solid conductors so you get the network performance and reliability you need. Our shielded Cat6A riser CMR cable pairs nicely with our shielded keystone jacks and shielded RJ45 modular plugs. Get the benefits of having your whole cable channel shielded for top performance in areas with EMI.

Product Feature:

  • Get long and consistent runs of 10Gb

  • Cat6A is perfect for high speed data, audio, video and PoE applications

  • Shielded for protection from EMI or signal interference

  • F/UTP structure has shielded around all four twisted pairs

  • Pure copper solid conductors give you optimal signal strength

  • Customize your cable runs with bulk 1000ft length

  • Comes with drain wire for grounding

  • Sweep Frequency up to 650MHz

  • Conductor: 23AWG Solid bare copper

  • UL Listed for safety and performance compliance