Part # : RD100ML
    Manufacturer SKU : RD100ML
    Brand : Redi One
    Warranty : 30-Day Lin Haw Warranty

    Premium antibacterial Hand sanitizer

    For hands, objects, and surfaces. Created and designed by a Scientist, Researcher, Physician, and Surgeon, to be used as a specific tool and strategy to contain, control and eradicate the CORONA-VIRUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC, preventing cross contamination avoiding infection, especially in homes, schools, hospitals, doctors' offices, shopping centers, gyms and sports stadiums. 


    • USA FDA and EPA registered and approved

    • Kills 99,99% of all bacteria viruses and fungi in 15 seconds, sooner at contact, eliminating any possible harmful germs

    • Nontoxic, non-dangerous harmful ingredients. Safe to use with children and pets

    • Non-flammable

    • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly

    • Hypoallergenic and anti-allergic

    • Long-lasting biocide action (4 hrs with only one application)

    • Yields significantly higher than the competition

    • It is very gentle on the skin

    • Its use, as a tool, by creating “safe spaces" avoids “germ cross-contamination” due to its presentation as an aerosol that combined with adequate social distancing, and the use of a reliable face mask; in short, it contains, controls and eradicates the CORONA-VIRUS

    Active ingredient: Alkyl bensyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (Ammonium Quaternary) 0.13% --- Antiseptic 

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