Manufacturer SKU : K-KJ17KHCA4A
Brand : Sanyo
Warranty : 30-Day Lin Haw Warranty

eneloop pro Ni-MH "Low Self Discharge" batteries utilize Panasonic's advanced rechargeable battery technology

Providing up to 2550mAh1 of power (AA batteries) and the ability to be recharged up to 500 times2.

eneloop pro battery cells deliver consistent power performance, maintain 85% of their charge for up to one year1, come pre-charged by solar power (at the factory)3 and are ready to use out of the package. These eneloop cells also have increased power, added storage life and extreme temperature performance down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.4

  • eneloop 2550mAh typical /2450mAh Ni-MH minimum (AA)1
  • 950mAh typical / 900mAh minimum (AAA)1
  • Hold up to 85% of their charge after one year of non-use1
  • Can be recharged up to 500 times2
  • Pre-charged at the factory using power generated from solar energy and ready to use right out of the package3
  • Work in extreme temperatures down to -4°F4
  • Batteries can be recharged when fully, or partially drained
  • Ni-MH, Low Self Discharge rechargeable batteries

eneloop pro, Ni-MH rechargeable batteries feature added mAh power, making them the perfect choice for DSLR flash units, game controllers and other devices that require additional power. While eneloop pro batteries were designed to provide more power for high drain devices they will also perform well in conventional devices that require AA or AAA batteries.

What makes eneloop so incredible

What makes eneloop incredible

eneloop batteries utilize a highly-durable super lattice alloy which prolongs the life of this important material. Improvements to this super-lattice alloy have increased hydrogen stability resulting in reduced self-discharge and long lasting, stable voltage output.

Improvements to the conductive surface layer of the active (positive) electrode material (made primarily from nickel-metal hydride) produce greater conductivity and durability. By limiting the degradation of the conductive layer, it has been possible to reduce performance degradation during repeated use and thus increase the number of times that eneloop batteries can be recharged - all without increasing the amount of negative electrode alloy used.

What makes eneloop incredible

A strong, thin outer casing also provides improved internal cell space efficiency of the eneloop battery design. This battery shell optimizes the balance of the components and when combined with the improved alloy material and conductive surface layer of the positive electrode active material enables the new eneloop cells to be recharged up to 500 times2.