Part # : UBR2AC
Manufacturer SKU : R2AC
Brand : Ubiquiti Networks
Warranty : 1 year (30 days with Lin Haw, remaining 11 months with Manufacturer)

Ubiquiti Networks has designed

airMAX ac radios with high performance and ease of installation in mind.

The Rocket®2AC Prism features both airMAX ac and airPrism technologies for maximum wireless performance in high‑density areas.

Pair the Rocket 2AC Prism with airMAX antennas for optimal performance:

  • Point-to-Point (PtP) backhaul RocketDish™ Antenna

  • Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) links airMAX Sector Antenna

Deploy the Rocket 2AC Prismanywhere in the world. It delivers complete coverage of the 2.4 GHz spectrum with a single radio. The Rocket 2AC Prism allows for flexibility in configuring channel bandwidths (subject to local country regulations).


airOS® v8 is the revolutionary operating system for Ubiquiti® airMAX ac products.

Powerful Wireless Features:

  • Access Point PtMP airMAX Mixed Mode

  • airMAX ac Protocol Support

  • Long-Range Point-to-Point (PtP) Link Mode

  • Selectable Channel Width

  • PtP: 10/20/40 MHz

  • PtMP: 10/20/40 MHz

  • Automatic Channel Selection

  • Transmit Power Control:

    • Automatic/Manual

  • Automatic Distance Selection (ACK Timing)

  • Strongest WPA2 Security

Usability Enhancements:

  • airMagic® Channel Selection Tool

  • Dynamic Configuration Changes

  • Instant Input Validation

  • Redesigned User Interface

  • HTML5 Technology

  • Optimization for Mobile Devices

  • Detailed Device Statistics

  • Diagnostic Tools, including Ethernet Cabling Test, RF Diagnostics, and airView® Spectrum Analyzer

Advanced RF Analytics:

airMAX ac devices feature a multi‑radio architecture to power are volutionary RF analytics engine. An independent processor on the PCBA powers a second, dedicated radio, which persistently analyzes the full 2.4 GHz spectrum and every received symbol to provide you with the most advanced RF analytics in the industry.

Real-Time Reporting:

airOS 8 displays the following RF information:

  • Persistent RF Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) constellation diagrams

  • Signal, Noise, and Interference (SNI) diagrams

  • Carrier to Interference

  • Ratio (CINR) histograms

    • plus

    • Noise

Spectral Analysis:

airView allows you to identify noise signatures and plan your networks to minimize noise interference.

airView performs the following functions:

  • Constantly monitors environmental noise

  • Collects energy data points in real‑time spectral views

  • Helps optimize channel selection, network design, and wireless performance

  • airView runs in the background without disabling the wireless link, so there is no disruption to the network

  • In airView, there are three spectral views, each of which represents different data: waveform, waterfall, and ambient noise level

  • airView provides powerful spectrum analyzer functionality, eliminating the need to rent or purchase additional equipment