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Double RCA (stereo) male to male

Connection Molded Type Construction: the entire cable and all its parts are molded together. Our molded construction gives you a cable that is extra strong, durable, and professional. Great sound from music or video. Easily identifiable colored bands (red, white) Gold Plated contacts to deliver an extremely high quality audio. 100% Aluminum Foil Shielded to ensure an interference-free picture. Bare copper braid 64#/0.12 drain wire, with 82% shielding; bringing total shielding to 182%. An OFC (oxygen-free cable) jacket to ensure a long rust-free life. A rust-free cable means long life and great performance. 26 AGW center conductor (construct 13C/0.12)


  • Dual RCA Stereo Male to Male Plug L/R Audio Cable 26AWG

  • Use to connect an 2 RCA input audio source with a 2 RCA input stereo audio device

  • Fully molded connectors provide strain relief

  • Foil shielded to prevent external EMI/RFI interference

  • Gold-plated contacts for superior transmission, high reliability and durability