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Part # : BM012
Brand : Generic
Warranty : Limited Lifetime Lin Haw Warranty

This premium 2-way coax cable splitter is able to split a single input signal from your satellite or cable TV provider into multiple separate signals. Convenient and ideal for those who have the need for additional outputs into multiple displays from one source, this particular coax cable splitter has two outputs for satellite or TV splitting.  We offer cable splitters that function at a range of 5-2400Mhz and handles the signal splitting without any perceivable loss of picture or sound quality. The rustproof gold plating, on both the body and contact, ensures a long and durable life for your audio equipment as well as an outstanding and interference-free data transference.


2-way coaxial cable splitter

1 input 2 output

F-Type connection


Gold plated body & contacts

For use with satellite or cable TV connections

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