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Part # : GSGSC3610
Manufacturer SKU : GSC3610
Brand : Grandstream
Warranty : 1-year Lin Haw warranty
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 The GSC3610

Is a weatherproof infrared (IR) ceiling-mounted fixed dome IP camera with a 3.6mm lens - making it an ideal device for wide-angle monitoring of nearby subjects in environments such as banks, hotels, retail stores, offices,  warehouses, and building entrances.

This device supports motion detection and smart infrared technology for white balance and exposure to monitor activity at night in outdoor or dark enclosed spaces. The GSC3610 can benmanaged with GSURF Pro, Grandstream’s free video management software, along with other ONVIF-compliant video management  systems.

It pairs with Grandstream’s video phones and GSC3570 HD intercom and facility control station for active end-point monitoring and facility control. By adding weatherproof capabilities, this is an ideal device for increasing security and facility management in any indoor or outdoor area.


  • Supports motion detection

  • Smart infrared technology for optimal white balance and exposure

  • Built-in PoE to power the device and provide a network connection

  • Supports alert notifications via outbound voice or video call & email screenshot

  • IP66-level weatherproof capability

  • Primary stream 1920x1080 and Secondary stream 640x480

  • SIP/VoIP support for video and audio streaming to endpoints (external microphone required)