Part # : JAP418A
Manufacturer SKU : VBS-HDMI-418A
Brand : Just Add Power
Warranty : 1-year Lin Haw warranty

Just Add Power products

Let you create any size of matrix of networked HDMI devices.
HD over IP transmitters encode HDMI video for distribution over the local area network.
Receivers decode the network packet back into a HDMI signal ready to be displayed on a screen.
Second generation (2G) products support a maximum resolution of Full HD 1080p, whilst third generation (3G)
products can distribute 2160p and HDCP 2.2 encrypted content.

2G HD over IP Platform

The award-winning second generation of Just Add Power products have come to be relied on the world over by professional custom installers building video matrixes large and small of networked HDMI sources and displays. All 2G models support a maximum resolution of Full HD 1080p and different second generation models can be mixed and matched in any combination, letting you implement the more costly and feature-rich models only in zones where they are truly required.

Supports all features of 2G model, PLUS:

    USB 2.0 over IP for KVM
    Stereo audio extractor with adjustable Audio Delay (up to 170 ms)
    HDMI pass-through on transmitter
    One-way CEC Control
    Locking HDMI cables
    Built-in RS-232 Null Modem