Part # : LEENP2050NA
Manufacturer SKU : ENP2050NA
Brand : Legrand
Warranty : 2-year Lin Haw warranty

Centralized Distribution

For Wired & Wireless Low Voltage Systems.

This enclosure secures both wired structured wiring systems and wireless networking equipment in a professional, out-ofsight installation. Order as a complete assembly containing the enclosure and hinged door, a-la-carte, or in bulk to efficiently meet the requirements of your project.

Enclosures: Features & Benefits

  •  Wireless Transparent Material – UL-rated ABS plastic allows wireless devices such as access points to secure in the cabinet without degrading network performance.

  • Stackable – Enclosures and doors are each neatly stackable to efficiently ship and warehouse.

  • Surface or Flush Mounting – Mounts flush to the stud bay with staggered tabs that allow side-by-side installations of multiple enclosures.

  • UL Rated – Meets or exceeds the standards of UL Standard 2416. Specified for non-fire rated walls.

  • Universal Mounting Grid – Compatible with video, voice and data distribution modules from multiple manufacturers. Ask us for our up-to-date compatibility list.

  • Extensive Venting – Provides superior heat dispersion for powered devices mounted in the enclosure.

  • Extra Depth – Protruded door adds 1.2” (30mm) of enclosure depth for compatibility with more third party devices such as uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).

  • Conceals Drywall Cutout – Extended door circumference conceals the drywall cutout for a professional finish.

  • Layered Latch – Holds the door shut and flush to the drywall without the need of a lock. Locking can be accommodated with the provided screw holes.


Depth (Metric): 159.6 mm

Depth (US): 6.28"

Height (Metric): 552.9mm

Height (US): 21.77"

Width (Metric): 434.3mm

Width (US): 17.1"

Primary Packaging Weight (Metric): 2.95 kg

Product Weight (Metric): 2.04 kg

Product Weight (US): 4.5 lbs