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Part # : MCRM2U
Manufacturer SKU : SMT1500RM2UC
Brand : APC
Warranty : 30-day Lin Haw warranty + 3 additional years with manufacturer
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Output Power Capacity: 1000 Watts  / 1500 VA
Max Configurable Power: 1000 Watts  / 1440 VA
Nominal Output Voltage: 120V
Efficiency at Full Load: 97%
Output Voltage Distortion: Less than 5% at full load
Output Frequency (sync to mains): 57 - 63 Hz for 60 Hz nominal
Waveform Type: Sine wave
Output Connections: (6) NEMA 5-15R


Nominal Input Voltage: 120V
Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz (auto sensing)
Input Connections: NEMA 5-15P 
Cord Length: 2.44 meters
Input voltage range for main operations: 82 - 144V
Input voltage adjustable range for mains operation: 75 - 154V

Batteries & Runtime:

Battery Type: Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte : leakproof
Typical recharge time: 3 hour(s)
RBC Quantity: 1

Communications & Management:

Interface Port(s): SmartSlot,USB
Available SmartSlot Interface Quantity: 1
Control panel: Multi-function LCD status and control console
Audible Alarm: Alarm when on battery : distinctive low battery alarm : configurable delays
Emergency Power Off (EPO): Optional

Surge Protection and Filtering:

Surge energy rating: 459 Joules
Filtering Full time multi-pole noise filtering : 0.3% IEEE surge let-through : zero clamping response time : meets UL 1449


Maximum Height: 89.00 mm
Maximum Width: 432.00 mm
Maximum Depth: 457.00 mm
Rack Height: 2U
Net Weight: 28.64 KG
Color: Black


Operating Environment: 0 - 40 degree C
Operating Relative Humidity: 0 - 95%
Operating Elevation: 0-3000 meters
Storage Temperature: -15 - 45 degree C
Storage Relative Humidity: 0 - 95%
Storage Elevation: 0-15000 meters
Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit: 46.00 dBA
Online Thermal Dissipation: 90.00 BTU/hr


Regulatory Approvals: CSA,FCC Part 15 Class A,UL 1778
Environmental Compliance: RoHS 7b Exemption,REACH: Contains No SVHCs


Intuitive LCD Interface:  Provides clear and accurate information in multiple languages with the ability to configure the UPS locally with easy to use navigation keys.
Predictive Replace Battery Date:  Dynamically provides the month and year when battery replacement is recommended to aide in long term maintenance planning.
Green Mode:  Patent-pending operating mode that bypasses unused electrical components in good power conditions to achieve very high operating efficiency without sacrificing any protection.
Energy Meter:  Provides actual kilowatt hours of usage for energy conscious users.
Pure Sine Wave Output on Battery:  Simulates utility power to provide the highest degree of compatibility for active PFC (power factor corrected) servers and sensitive electronics.
Single Switched Outlet Group:  Single outlet group that may be controlled separately from the UPS for discrete reboot of hung devices, sequenced on/off and non-critical load shedding.
High Online Efficiency:  Reduces utlility costs, generates less heat.
SmartSlot:  Customize UPS capabilities with management cards.
Cold-Start Capable:  Provides temporary battery power when the utility power is out.
Temperature-Compensated Battery Charging:  Prolongs battery life by regulating the charge voltage according to battery temperature.


  • Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Gives higher application availability by correcting low and high voltage conditions without using the battery

  • Intelligent battery management Maximizes battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent, precision charging

  • Power conditioning Protects connected loads from surges, spikes, lightning, and other power disturbances

  • Temperature-compensated battery charging Prolongs battery life by regulating the charge voltage according to battery temperature

  • Automatic restart of loads after UPS shutdown Automatically starts up the connected equipment upon the return of utility power

  • Automatic self-test Periodic battery self-test ensures early detection of a battery that needs to be replaced

  • Disconnected battery notification Warns when a battery is not available to provide backup power


  • Network manageable Provides remote management of the UPS over the network

  • Audible Alarms - Actively let you know if the unit is on battery, if the battery is low or if there is an overload condition

  • LED status indicators Quickly understand unit and power status with visual indicators

  • Serial Connectivity Provides management of the UPS via a serial port

  • USB connectivity Provides management of the UPS via a USB port (not available on all models)

  • Disconnected battery notification Warns when a battery is not available to provide backup power


  • User-replaceable batteries Increases availability by allowing a trained user to perform upgrades and replacements of the batteries reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

  • Hot-swappable batteries Ensures clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment while batteries are being replaced

  • Predictive failure notification Provides early-warning fault analysis ensuring proactive component replacement

  • Resettable circuit breakers Enables a quick recovery from overload events

  • Battery failure notification Provides early-warning fault analysis on batteries enabling timely preventive maintenance


  • Adjustable voltage-transfer points Maximizes useful battery life by widening the input voltage window or tightening the output voltage regulation

  • Adjustable voltage sensitivity Provides the ability to adapt the UPS for optimal performance in specific power environments or generator applications


Safety-agency approved Ensures the product has been tested and approved to work safely with the connected service provider equipment and within the specified environment.