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    Part # : OMPOE8RM
    Manufacturer SKU : POE8PORT
    Brand : Open-Mesh
    Warranty : 30-Day Lin Haw Warranty

    Final Sale - Clearance Item

    8 port POE Injector for the OM Series access points

    An injector is required to power OM Series access points via Ethernet, and this injector will power eight access points with the included 60W power supply (US Plug). Provides 18V power to each access point.

    This PoE injector combines power from the power supply with Ethernet from your LAN switch or router and outputs a combined power and Ethernet signal compatible with the OM Series access points.

    Power is provided over pins 4+5 (+) and 7+8 (-).

    Please review the data in this link for Power over Ethernet compatibility options.

    Note: The power supply will work internationally but includes a US plug only. You will require a plug adapter (not sold by Open-Mesh) for non-US plugs.
    Note: This product is not compatible with MR Series access points.
    Note: This product only supplies 24v (Passive) PoE. 
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