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    Part # : RCLRDT
    Brand : Generic
    Warranty : Limited Lifetime Lin Haw Warranty

    RCLRDT RCA stereo audio to digital coax and optical audio converter is used to convert analog audio to digital audio signals. Typical applications consists with newer televisions or displays with digital audio that need to be hooked up to older devices with analog audio, such as VCRs and karaoke machines. Take your analog device and plug in your RCA stereo audio connection into the converter. The RCA stereo audio to digital coax and optical audio converter will switch the analog signal and output it on the other end to either a digital coax signal or a toslink digital optical audio signal. The converter box also features a switch to change the variable sample rates from 48KHz or 96KHz for optimum audio fidelity.

    - Converts RCA stereo audio to digital coax and optical audio
    - The converter allows for audio signal conversion with no degradation and also supports variable sampling rates for maximum fidelity
    - 1 input: RCA stereo audio
    - 2 outputs: digital coax or digital optical audio (Toslink)

    - Converter type: Analog to Digital converter (S/PDIF)
    - Digital output type: coaxial and optical
    - Digital audio output format: LPCM
    - Analog Inputs: RCA Left and Right
    - Input impedance: 47K Ohms
    - Minimum load impedance: 75 Ohms
    - Frequency response: 48/96KHz sample rates (slide switch)
    - DC input voltage/polarity: 12V/center positive

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