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Part # : RCTT12
Brand : PC Cable World
Warranty : Limited Lifetime Lin Haw Warranty

This adapter splits a single S/PDIF (Toslink) Digital Optical Audio signal into two outputs. It allows you to connect a single optical audio source, such as the output of a gaming console or Blu-ray™ player, to two audio devices, such as a television and an AV receiver


2 way fiber optical splitter
Used in digital audio devices
Easy to Install and simple to operate
Lightweight and compact in size
Good uniformity and low insertion loss
Gold Plated Contacts Gold plated tip for corrosion resistance

This adapter is designed to split a single signal into two. It will not combine two signals into one. It is generally a one direction adapter. If you need to have two source devices go into a single input on a reciever, then you need a switch. This splitter must have all cables connected to match. If you notice all optical cables have a flat side (typically top) and grooved side (typically bottom). Make sure the cables on both inputs and outputs are all lined up. If you have a toslink cable upside down, while another cable is right side up, it will not work.

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