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    Part # : SC111HPLK
    Manufacturer SKU : TTP111HDP-LK
    Brand : S.H.E
    Warranty : 1-year Lin Haw warranty

    Transmit HD-CVI/TVI/AHD video and power over one CAT5e cable.
    Include 2 units: 1 x RJ45 to BNC with DC power plug, 1 x RJ45 to BNC with DC power jack.
    Eliminate coaxial & power cable.
    Fast, easy installation, saving time and money.
    Substantial saving on the cost of the cable itself.
    Built in ESD, EFT (impulse noise) and transient protection.

    Video Input / Output Terminals :BNC x 1  (1 Vp-p,75 Ohm)

    Video Onput / Iutput Terminals: RJ45 x 1 ( 100 Ohm )

    Power: DC-PLUG & DC-JACK

    Bandwidth: 50Hz ~ 60MHz ( -3dB )

    Transmission Distance: HDCVI/AHD: 300M, HD-TVI: 250M

    ESD protection: 30 KV(Air),15 KV (Contact) ; IEC 61000-4-2  compliant

    EFT protection: 40A(5/50ns) ; IEC 61000-4-4  compliant

    Lightning protection: 2A (8/20μs) ; IEC 61000-4-5  compliant

    Surge Protection Attack Time: < 1 nS

    Environmental Specifications: Operation: 0 to 55℃, Storage: -20 to 85℃, Humidity: up to 95%

    Dimension  mm: 69  x  25  x  20.7  + 120mm pigtail cable

    Weight: 45g

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