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    Part # : TRS500RT
    Manufacturer SKU : SMART500RT1U
    Brand : Tripplite

    Tripp Lite's SMART500RT1U

    intelligent, line-interactive rack/tower uninterruptible power supply prevents data loss, downtime and equipment damage due to power outages, voltage fluctuations and transient surges. Requires only one rack space (1U) in a 2 or 4 post rack, with included accessories for upright tower placement. Large internal batteries offer 14.6 minutes half load runtime and 3.2 minutes at full load.

    Maintains regulated 120V nominal output without using battery power during brownouts as low as 90V. 500VA/300 watt power handling capability is compatible with networking, telecom and other sensitive electronic applications. Includes 6 UPS supported outlets with a single outlet load bank that can be individually controlled via software interface to reboot select equipment on demand or shed less significant loads to extend battery runtime for more critical equipment. Includes 1 surge-only outlet forperipherals not requiring battery backup. 

    Supports simultaneous remote monitoring of UPS and site power conditions via built-in USB and DB9 monitoring ports. PowerAlert UPS monitoring and unattended shutdown software is available for free download. Emergency Power Off (EPO) interface offers option for instantaneous power-off of UPS and connected equipment in the case of fire or emergency situation. Multi-function audible alarms and set of 5 front panel LEDs offer at-a-glance notification of UPS and line power status. Network-grade AC surge suppression protects equipment from damage and performance problems resulting from transient surges and line noise. Attractive all-black color scheme.


    • Tripp Lite SMART500RT1U .5 kVA / 500VA / 300 watt line interactive UPS

    • 1U rack / tower compatible form factor

    • NEMA 5-15P input connection; 7 NEMA 5-15R output receptacles

    • Installed depth of only 11.8 in / 29.8 cm

    • Large internal batteries offer runtimes of 14.6 minutes at half load (250VA/150 watts) and 3.2 minutes at full load (500VA/300 watts)

    • Intelligent battery management system extends battery life

    • Maintains regulated 120V nominal output during brownouts as low as 90V

    • Includes 6 UPS-supported outlets and 1 surge-only outlet

    • One of the UPS supported outlets is switched for remote load shedding or rebooting of an individual device

    • USB & Serial ports enable data-saving unattended shutdown when used with Tripp Lite's PowerAlert software, available via FREE download from

    • Supports detailed monitoring of equipment load levels,self-test data, and utility power condition via built-in RS-232 and USB interfaces

    • Compatible with Tripp Lite UPS management card options TLNETCARD, WEBCARDLX and SNMPWEBCARD

    • Supports Tripp Lite's WatchDog software application to restore operation to locked equipment through soft reboot of application, OS or hard power off/on reboot of connected equipment - ideal for unattended kiosk applications (requires optional WATCHDOGSW)

    • Emergency Power Off (EPO) interface with cable

    • Multi-function audible alarms and set of 5 front panel LEDs

    • Network-grade AC surge suppression

    • Field-replaceable, hot-swappable internal UPS batteries

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