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    Part # : UAPNANO
    Manufacturer SKU : UAP-nanoHD
    Brand : Ubiquiti Networks
    Warranty : 1 year (30 days with Lin Haw, remaining 11 months with Manufacturer)

    Ubiquiti UniFi Nano HD 

    4x4 MU-MIMO 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point

    The Ubiquiti UniFi nanoHD AP features simultaneous, dual-band, 4x4 MU-MIMO technology and convenient 802.3af PoE compatibility. The compact design delivers a cost-effective combination of value and performance. The UniFi nanoHD AP can also be powered by an 802.3af PoE compliant switch.

    Key Features:

    • Small, Low-Profile Access Point
    • Four-Stream 802.11ac Wave 2 Technology
    • Supports 200+ Concurrent Users
    • Powered by 802.3af PoE

    Save Money and Save Time
    UniFi comes bundled with a non-dedicated software controller that can be deployed on an on-site PC, Mac, or Linux machine; in a private cloud; or using a public cloud service. You also have the option of deploying the compact UniFi Cloud Key with built-in software.

    Powerful Hardware: The UniFi nanoHD AP features the latest in Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology.

    Intuitive UniFi Controller Software: Configure and manage your APs with the easy-to-learn user interface.

    Unlimited scalability: build wireless networks as big or small as needed. Start with one (or upgrade to a five pack) and expand to thousands while maintaining a single unified management system.

    Powered by Software Defined Networking
    Easily deploy your UniFi Enterprise System using the included UniFi Controller software. Manage thousands of UniFi devices across multiple sites, and scale your network as needed without any ongoing licensing fees.