Part # : UBAF24
Manufacturer SKU : AF-24
Brand : Ubiquiti Networks
Warranty : 1 year (30 days with Lin Haw, remaining 11 months with Manufacturer)

24 GHz Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio

The airFiber 24 is ideal for outdoor, PtP bridging and carrier-class network backhauls.

NOTE: Price shown is for a single unit. airFiber® is normally purchased in pairs to form a single link.

**We strongly recommend using the Transtector surge protector to protect your AirFiber 24 HD, AirFiber 24, and AirFiber 5 from potential lightning strikes and power surges. (SKU: TS1101959)

Advanced Antenna System:
Featuring a dual-independent 2x2 MIMO 24GHz hi-gain reflector antenna system, airFiber can operate in both FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) and HDD (Hybrid Division Duplex) modes for unparalleled speed and spectral efficiency in the 24GHz worldwide license-free band.