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Part # : VA112
Manufacturer SKU : VA-112
Brand : PC Cable World
Warranty : 25 year Lin Haw warranty

This high quality VGA splitter cable is for splitting a VGA signal to 2 VGA monitors, and provides an inexpensive solution for displaying a mirror image on 2 monitors at the same time. Works well with both SVGA and VGA.

- Connector : HD15 Male to (2) HD15 Female
- Length : 8 inches
- This splitter supports High Resolution.
- This splitter tested at 1920X1080 resolution at 75Hz refresh rate and worked perfectly. (*) This is a splitter cable:  
- You can only connect one source device (IE: DVD player, cable box or satellite receiver) to two display devices (IE: TV or projector).
- You can't connect two source devices (IE: PC, DVD player ,cable box or satellite receiver) to one display device IE: monitor, TV or projector).

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