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RCA Composite Video and Stereo Audio Splitter, 1 Input 4 Output

Stereo audio is audio that contains two channels of audio, typically left and right channels in correspondence with the human left and right ears. RCA is a long-time industry standard in the audio/video market. Splitters manage connections between more than one connection at one end and one connection at the other end. Splitters are very useful for systems where one device is shared among multiple displays. Using these splitters, you can enjoy high-fidelity and stunningly realistic audio and video that only superior splitters can deliver.

These splitters are engineered to the tightest tolerances to deliver unwavering reliability during mission critical and stress intensive applications. Every splitter is designed for optimal performance, producing unparalleled data transfer speeds while preserving utmost data integrity. The RCA Composite Video and Stereo Audio Splitter will allow you to split a RCA composite video signal with stereo L/R into 4 additional outputs simultaneously. This splitter is very convenient if there is a need to display at multiple angles for viewing members, and you can bask in unmatched video/audio clarity while enjoying realistic and lifelike multimedia experiences.

- 1 A/V input, 4 output simultaneously
- With premium component and advanced circuit design
- Each output amplifies independently with high isolation and strong anti-interference

- Video
      - Input Level Resistance: VS 0.8-1.0Vp-p/75
      - Output Level Resistnce:VS 0.8-1.4Vp-p/75
      - Input Connector: 1
      - Output Connector: 8
- Audio
      - Input Level Resistance: 2V (RMS)/47k
      - Output Level Resistance: 2V (RMS)/1K
      - Support: 10Hz to 20KHz, 0dB
      - Input Connector: 1(L+R)
      - Output Connector: 4(L+R)

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